Retail Crime Statistics over the last 12 months in the UK

Over the last 12 months we have spent a great deal of time working with retailers to understand what challenges they face when it comes to crime in their sector.  One of the facts that stunned us was the total cost of crime in the UK.  It is now believed that the total cost of retail crime is a staggering £700 million per annum and is on the rise.

The 5 biggest  threats faced by retailers are violence against staff, robbery in store, theft by customers, burglary and ATM raisds.  Amazingly is wasnt organised criminals who where the main perperators to these numbers.  According to retailerss, simple opportunists were the biggest worry, contributing to over 1/3 of local retail crime.

Take a look at our infographics below to see the highlights taken from speaking to our UK retailers…